Allergies? Ask Your Body!

Allergies---painful, annoying, scary. Perhaps you or someone you know reacts to foods, medications, or substances. Hives, asthma, abdominal pains, headaches, hyperactivity, exhaustion; allergic reactions affect our quality of life. Fear enters the picture. When are we safe? If we accidentally do the wrong thing, our body goes out of control. It becomes an enemy, subject to unknown assault at any moment.

Imagine an amazing machine, one that could tell you, anytime, anywhere, without cost, pain, or inconvenience, whether a food, medication, or substance is safe or unsafe for you. Sounds impossible, but if one existed, wouldn't you want one? You'd bring it to restaurants to test plates of food, to the supermarket to check different products, to the pharmacy to test a new medicine, or to a party with exotic foods. Imagine suddenly having that kind of control and power. Imagine no longer being afraid. This machine would be invaluable.

Guess what? You already own the machine, ready with information whenever you need it. That wonderful machine is your body, and you can learn to ask your body whether it will be weakened by that plate of food or that new medicine. A simple method exists for accurately testing your loved ones or friends for their sensitivities, and they can learn to test you. It feels like a miracle. It was, for me.

In March 1994, I suddenly developed severe allergies to most common foods. I spent several tortured months, with painful ugly hives on my face, hands, and arms, not knowing what was causing them, even after extensive medical testing. My hives were uncontrollable, even with heavy medication. After sleepless weeks, and nearing the end of my rope, I luckily rediscovered a muscle testing technique that turned my life around. Immediately, I went from being out of control and scared to eat anything, to total control and confidence. Suddenly, I was able to identify the numerous foods to be avoided, and more importantly, I could find safe alternatives. It was strange to find that I could eat only green apples, not red, and that while tuna was no good, I could substitute anchovies or whitefish! How could any practitioner ever provide that detailed information, even if allergy tests had worked? The basic test is easy to learn, and to practice until you have the "feel."

Try this: Have a friend (the subject) extend one arm out sideways, a bit above 90 degrees, and find the comfortable muscle lock that holds it up. The other hand rests on their stomach. Place the suspected allergin on your friend's stomach. Resist the downward push by keeping the muscle locked. Relax, don't fight, but stay firmly locked.

From behind the subject, rest your hand on the shoulder of your friend's unraised arm. With your other hand, press down on the raised wrist, feeling for the muscle lock that holds it up, without overpowering it. First, say "ready?" then "resist!" Push firmly but not suddenly. Feel the firmness.

That is the process, briefly stated. When the subject holds an allergen or a poison against the stomach, the muscle lock will weaken, or disappear. Once the tester can feel the difference between "strong" (the stomach hand empty), and "weak"---(an allergen or poison against the stomach), you've got the feel.

Now test foods by comparing muscle strength while the food is held on the subject's stomach. Amazingly, it can be inside a closed container and still weaken the arm. When I was severely allergic, my arm would drop at the slightest push when I held a closed can of tuna. Using test results to modify my diet, I remained hives-free, unmedicated, and never suffered again except when I forgot to test a safe-looking food.

Since 1994, I have witnessed thousands of successful tests, not only on myself, but also for family, friends, students. Thrilled with its power, I researched and refined the method, determined to bring that control to all allergy sufferers.

As a scientist, I found a logical explanation for how it works, and developed methods to ensure accuracy and successfully troubleshoot. There are ways to test discreetly (in restaurants), test babies, or the infirm. Muscle testing can also find antidotes, and even assist in neutralizing and ending an allergy.

Most importantly, anyone who wants to learn this method can learn. Some get the feel instantly, some need practice---like riding a bike. With the basic method outlined above, you can start to control an allergic situation. Make your own miracles. Try it!

About the Author:

Dr. Elizabeth Spicer is a Professor of Mathematics, and author of Ask Your Body: Relieve Your Food Allergies Instantly and Naturally With Muscle Testing.


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