The Carbohydrate-Weight Gain Connection

Obesity and poor health are a growing epidemic in our society. Misleading mainstream information and the development of artificial food products supporting lifestyle abnormalities are some of the reasons for our eroding health and excessive weight. For years the mainstream community of rule-makers had us believing we should eat an abundance of carbohydrates. Lots of […]

Cordyceps: A Medicinal Mushroom with Countless Uses

Before moving to Oregon almost three years ago, my friend and I participated in a mycological foray at the Washington Crossing State Park in Western Jersey. After an hour and little to show for our foraging efforts, we were about to lose hope when we finally came across three super-sized Grifola. I couldn’t carry the […]

Devil’s Club for Diabetes

Devil’s Club (Oplopanax horridum) is a rather obscure but increasingly popular member of the ginseng plant family. Oplopanax contains a balsamic (essential oil component) which differentiates it from Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng) and Panax (American ginseng). Not to be confused with Devil’s Claw, a desert plant native to southern Africa, Devil’s Club primarily dwells in the […]