Does Evil Really Exist: The Relationship Between Demonic Entities and Mental Illness

I've never believed in evil, but for the first time in my life I must re-examine this belief. I've always held the conviction that each of us has the capacity to commit the most heinous crime. From my experience, I could see that these acts of violence, vengeance and deception always stemmed from love. Even hatred I could see as acts of terror resulting from the fear of losing love or as desperate attempts to attain love. I believed that God was pure love. This notion was re-enforced by the death of a friend who was a healer. He returned in dreams to state, "It's true; love is all there is."

These beliefs were challenged by a series of therapy and healing sessions I recently participated in. A chiropractor friend asked me to see one of his longtime clients who had been in and out of mental institutes all her life. All treatments had been ineffective.

Jenny is a slight, attractive middle-aged woman whom I immediately recognized as a paranoid schizophrenic. I found her to be a delightful and very intelligent person. Jenny writes fine poetry except for the tendency to go off on tangents expressing rage and hatred. Conversation with her is the same. She would change from being reasonable and amiable to a state of terror, hatred and rage in a heart beat.

The first time I worked with Jenny I found that she had no natural defense to the emotions and thoughts of those around her. Her only defense against these assaults to her most inner self was rage and hatred. She reacted to strong emotions as if a wounded animal hoping only to escape. The resonance of anger left her almost huddled and frightened until she could no longer endure the fear. She'd lash-out in desperation at the source of the emotions of which she lived in terror.

Jenny's goals in life were to be able to work in a helping profession and to be independent of government agencies and their control over her life. She struck out in panic at the mention of any part of the government. She claimed that the US government was evil incarnate and needed to be destroyed. This may be her reaction to dependence on a system that seems uncaring and hopelessly inadequate. I believed if she had adequate emotional and psychic defenses Jenny would be able to begin to function in the world and reach her goals.

I began by teaching her grounding. I demonstrated that ungrounded, her physical body could be easily pushed off center, while in a grounded state she was too solid to be moved without great effort. When I asked her to imagine roots going into the ground she became hysterical sobbing that her roots had been stolen by the government when they condemned her family farm to build a highway. Jenny was only willing to connect with the earth using streams of water. This proved effective. Despite her objections her body found this connection desirable and she felt safer. Each time I saw her she was more grounded.

Being touched was a fearful experience for Jenny. She related touch only to sex. My work includes bodywork. This requires touch. I connect with people through their feet and join in their emotional experience. The feet offer a place for touch that is usually safe. Before I felt comfortable connecting with her in this manner I wanted to create extra safety for Jenny. We did an exercise I learned from Ron Kurtz. I had her calm herself and when she was ready, I began to reach very slowly for her shoulder. I instructed her to grab my wrist at any time it felt uncomfortable so she would have control. She felt little discomfort as my hand approached and lightly touched her left shoulder.

She felt no discomfort at my hand being withdrawn. Jenny then asked that I touch her right shoulder. As I approached her right side she immediately grabbed my wrist and guided it to overcome the anxiety caused by my approaching hand. This demonstrated a split between the side of her body; common in schizophrenia.

When she felt sufficiently safe I asked her to take off her shoes and lie down on the massage table. I recognised Jenny as a sexual abuse survivor and asked that a co-therapists be present at all times. This created more safety for both Jenny and I. My suspicion about the sexual abuse was confirmed during the second session when she revealed that she had been raped eight times.

When I connected with Jenny I felt no emotion and almost no life energy in her body. It was as if being in her body was so threatening that she kept her awareness outside it as much as possible. This reinforced my belief that she had lost her natural ability to keep the energetic influences of others at bay. Her defense had been to dissociate or to leave her body. The body can endure great torment if the awareness goes away. Jenny lived outside her body where she didn't have to feel it's fear, anger, loneliness and the endless torment of her emotions, thoughts and physical pains.

Over the next two weeks Jenny made great progress. She was more relaxed and more comfortable with the presence of other people. I was still very concerned about her hatred and rage that often presented itself in an instant. She still insisted that the government and her mother were responsible for all her problems. She claimed that her father was a saint and had always been wonderful. I doubted this claim from the beginning.

Schizophrenics are very susceptible to attachment by entities and demonic thought forms. I explained to Jenny about bioresonance and how if we allow ourselves to resonate with the emotions and abuses on which these attachments feed that we are vulnerable to them. From the first session I worked on teaching her to use her natural resources to protect herself.

The first time I met Jenny she had fifteen entities attached to her. I called on spiritual beings to remove the entities and take them where ever appropriate. When I first started working with entity attachments eight years ago I used the only method I knew. I led the person into an altered state and guided her to access the entity to hear it's story. Attached entities are usually dead relatives who are confused or so focused on pain and/or anger, that they don't notice they no longer have bodies. These sessions are often beautiful and moving experiences for my client and myself.

When a person is unable to achieve a sufficient altered state to access the entity I used to allow the entity to attach to me in order to reveal it's story. The traditional shamanic technique of working with illness is for the practitioner to take it on and heal it within himself. The healing translates to the clientl. This led to constantly changing health problems that I took on from the entities. One day I might have symptoms of one life threatening illness and symptoms of a totally different dangerous disease the next. It was very hard on my health, but this was the only way I knew of dealing with them. This is a method I learned from a Baptist preacher.

One morning I woke with a troublesome entity attached to me. I was groggy from poor sleep and not in a cheerful mood. I instinctively grabbed the entity with my something attached to my solar plexus and shoved it into the light without realizing what I was doing and having no clear understanding of what the light was. I later realized how violent this action was and only used this technique one other time when dealing with a viscous Hum warrior. I felt that this was harsh treatment for scared, confused beings who need help.

My first experience with entities happened about twenty years ago when a friend died. He came to me in a dream and said, "You're the only person I ever met who might believe this. I need your help. I'm using my brother's body and his son's body. It's scaring them and I need you to tell them that I have some work left to do and I'll be leaving soon. Tell my brother that there's nothing to be afraid of." At first I thought it was just one of those strange dreams that everyone has sometimes. I dismissed it until I ran into this man's brother. As we talked it became clear that he and his son were feeling the dead brother's presence and it was scaring them. I revealed the dream and it brought him reassurance. He and his son were able to sleep at night again without fear. They felt blessed to have more time with him.

I later learned a technique from a Christian Reverend Doctor. She taught me to simply call on the Angel Michael, the Virgin Mary, Ruth from the Bible and Jesus, who she calls 'the four'. By asking them to take the entity to wherever is appropriate it relieved me of the responsibility of sending these beings into a realm that I had no way of understanding. This method proved reliable, although the entities sometimes come back and 'the four' have to be called again. I was told that an entity might have to be sent away as many as five times before leaving for good.

After 'the four' took away the fifteen entities attached to Jenny, one kept coming back. My fourth session with Jenny was co-facilitated by both the chiropractor and the massage therapist. Each worked with entities in their own ways. The chiropractor took an intellectual approach using the rules of divine law. The massage therapist used a psychic approach. We agreed that this entity was causing problems for Jenny, feeding off her hatred, inflaming it at every opportunity. The chiropractor used muscle testing to confirm the things the massage therapist and I sensed.

We were able to ascertain that the entity had joined Jenny's father in world war two. He was trapped in a trench, wounded, full of hatred and in terror. He made a contract with this being and brought it home from the war with him. As I look back at my step-father and his friends who were W.W.II veterans I realized that this hatred was common amongst them.

The fourth session was the closest to scenes in the movie "The Exorcist" I had ever encountered. Jenny would go from being passive and calm, to being frightened, to jumping up screaming obscenities and spouting hatred in an instant. I called 'the four' and the entity disappeared only to return a moment later. I grabbed it with my solar plexus and threw it. It bounced back as if attached to Jenny by a bungie cord. The chiropractor reasoned with it and became frustrated to the point of anger. The massage therapist sat in the corner protecting her solar plexus with her folded knees, shaking her head and providing what insight the situation allowed.

Jenny was growing more frightened and excused herself to go to the restroom. I told the chiropractor that I believed his anger was feeding it; making it stronger. The massage therapist admitted she had the urge to jump up and yell at him to get his anger out of her face. This entity had us all rattled.

Muscle testing indicated that this was the same entity that drove the Nazis to terrible deeds. Jenny screamed that she had to learn to hate to survive, her emotions still going through violent changes. Her mother and father were full of hatred and she found hatred to be her only defense against them.

This was not the first time I had encountered this entity. Several years before I worked with a woman in her twenties who transformed from a happy, well adjusted, intelligent college student to a paranoid schizophrenic overnight. She tried several times to drown herself; her most feared form of death. As I worked with her she identified this entity as Hitler. This makes sense because we can only talk about things in terms of our beliefs. We have no other understanding with which to frame the world. The essence of the Nazis to this woman translated only as Hitler. With the aid of the Baptist preacher who first taught me to work with entities, and a host of angels, we sent the being away. The woman found relief and began to heal for a short time. In a few weeks she suffered a relapse and ended up in worse shape than ever. At the time I didn't know anything else to do to help her.

After calming ourselves, and Jenny, we were able to make her understand that in order to release this entity she must forgive and let go of her hatred. At this point in the session, Jenny had three entities attached to her instead of the one she started with. 'The four' took one away. We found that one was there to help Jenny and made no effort to remove it. The Nazi essence was finally released when she chose to forgive herself, her mother and her father. The entity has been gone for over a week now and I believe Jenny will finally find peace and be able to protect herself so she can function in the world. She still needs to be reminded that hatred feeds the entity. sometimes, but she is able to compose herself quickly releasing her fear, anger and hatred.

The important points of this situation is that the entity evokes and feeds on anger, fear and hatred and that the person it attaches to must chose these emotions. These were the emotions that allowed it to ruin Jenny's life. The scary part is that this entity has the capacity to instill and inflame these same emotions in anyone who allows them to exist on a continuing basis. This entity can attach to and feed on millions of people at the same time.

According to Jenny and the muscle testing this entity has control of our government. The ability of a person's unconscious mind to know and reveal things beyond the comprehension of our conscious minds is well documented. Edgar Allen Poe wrote of the indisputable evidence of this that existed in his time.

Examining medical records that were compiled on Jenny at Stanford University I saw nothing in her EEG reports that indicate schizophrenia or any other abnormality. A strong psychic ability and sensitivity was indicated by unusually high theta and delta activity in her frontal lobes.

I will always wonder if Jenny's fear of the government is founded in reality or if it is the rationalization of a mentally ill person who has been treated with little compassion by a cold, impersonal social service system. For the first time in my life I wonder if evil really exists.

Written by Carl Brahe, MA and Victoria Hall, RN


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