Let Go and Let God

Let go and let God. We've probably all heard it and, although we believed it's the only way to true peace and attainment, we've wondered if we really knew what it meant and how to do it.

Let go and let God. What does it mean to let go of a situation or an individual or a group, and allow whatever happens to happen? What does it mean to decide to not control every facet of our lives or those in our lives, and permit God to take the reins? Does the thought of letting go and letting God make us feel impotent, or does it make us feel empowered? Are we therefore thrown into turmoil, or are we relieved of stress? Do we then see only limitations, or do we recognize an entire universe of possibilities suddenly open up for us?

Let go and let God. Is there ever a time when we are truly in charge of all things pertaining to us? Perhaps this is an affirmation of our commitment to co-creation and co-operation, rather than, as some may think, resignation and failure.

Let go and let God. Does this not mean that we have the most powerful ally and partner that can possibly be? Does this not mean that we are never alone and bereft, faulty and insecure? Can we therefore allow ourselves to feel in touch and in tune with the Universe, rather than adrift on a sea of unlovingness, in whatever forms that unlovingness takes?

Let go and let God. What does it mean to open up our hearts and minds and souls, and allow anyone else --- even God --- to lead the way? Is there a best way to start, should we decide to do so? How difficult is it to open up our clenched fists and allow whatever is being offered to us into our receptive hands? Isn't this actually the same act as opening up our beings and accepting our highest good from our highest source?

Let go and let God. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to forget. We keep looking in the pot to see if it's soup yet, or digging up the seed to see if its sprouted. Were we to accept that we've done the best we can do in the circumstances and with the information we've had, and then just let it be and forget about it after we've blessed it and sent it on its way ... but letting go and letting God can be so difficult sometimes. It's not that we really believe that we know best, it's more like we want to make sure nothing is burning. That's it, or that it hasn't changed direction or stopped moving altogether. Sure we trust God, but what if God forgets --- shouldn't we remember so that we can remind Him/Her? And since we really can't trust that without our constant input and checking in things won't go the way we want, can we really let go and let God?

Let go and let God. What if, just for today, we put things in God's hands and --- here's the hard part --- take our hands off of them? What if we drop those things we've asked for help and guidance with into God's lap and run away as fast as we can, saying our most sincere thank-yous over our shoulders without looking or turning back, and leave God holding our requests? What if we did it just once successfully? This might just be the start of a good habit ...

Written by Kathryn Guinn


One Response to “Let Go and Let God”

  1. Kem on August 11th, 2012 09:00

    Very good read!

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