New Name, New Emphasis: Self Empowered Emotional Release (Formerly Causal Release System Training)

We have adopted a new name for the Causal Release System Training. The new name is Self Empowered Emotional Release (SEER). Why have we done this? First of all, it should be noted that this is the second name change for this work. It was first called Karmic Release System Training. We changed that name because Karma is so misunderstood in the West and it seemed too new agey to a lot of folks. Karmic Release System Training however was a perfectly good descriptive title, as was the Causal Release System Training name.

Causal Release System Training was selected because it was so descriptive and its acronym, CRST, was a thinly disguised, or so we thought, Hebrew like rendering of CHRIST with the vowels removed. However, that seemed to go over every ones head and so with the imput of the CRST family, we have once again changed the name to SEER. Once again descriptive of the process but with the emphasis on the fact that first and foremost, SEER is a self managed, self empowered process, that does not require a facilitator, other that yourself.

We have also chosen to emphasize the emotional release aspect of the training, since that is the focus of most people beginning the training. The idea of the Christ training or training for the those seeking to be self-annointed or self-initiated, emphasized the more esoteric aspects of the training and not the practical, everyday aspects.

With this this new emphasis we will be seeking to reach a broader audience with the work. The work has evolved as a result of a great deal of internal and external guidance of a number of people. It is now reaching maturity, having been utilized by a growing number of people, codified into the book Self Empowered Emotional Release, organized into training sections and trainers taught. It is now time for it to find it's way to more people.

Another aspect of this new naming is what I now believe is the prime directive for all such trainings. They must be self empowered and self managed. The day of the priest, psychotherapist, shaman, guru, psychics, or organized religion is passing. We no longer need an authorized intermediary to connect with that universal reality which we have never lost. We have simply misplaced it. Although people will still need help, as all the above listed intermediaries provided within the context that was necessary at the time, the emphasis is shifting to helping people help themselves. We are asking them to turn within and become self sufficient in their capacity to obtain the answers and releases they are seeking.

This directive is obviously threatening to an army of persons practicing and depending for a livelihood based on the old ways. But as modeled by Christ some 2000 years before its time, the old way is simply no longer necessary. We have the capacity to relate to Universal Reality in a direct, un-translated, un-dogmatized, un-opinionated way. Humanity is evolving and although evolution is very difficult to grasp within the time alloted to us in a physical life, we are beginning to enter into a new way of relating to the Universe. A way that is intensely personal, and at the same time breaking down the artificial boundaries between us and giving us the realization of our connectivity to the whole.

SEER is not meant to be an attack on any existing discipline. Although it is professionally and personally threatening to the status quo. All disciplines have been necessary and will continue to be necessary in the immediate future. But as we begin to train our children and some of ourselves in this new paradigm, the slow, but inexorable shift to paradigm of self-empowerment will be made.

Written by James M. Price, MSW, MPA


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