Chemokines and Stealth Viruses:A Blueprint for Therapy in Infected Humans and Animals (Part II)

Continued from Part I Partial Listing of Agents Known to Influence Chemokine Production and Activities The accompanying table is intended to illustrate the vast number of agents that have been reported to influence the production and/or activities of CC and CXC chemokines. The cytokine NF-kB is a potent stimulus to chemokine production. NF-kB is normally […]

Chemokines and Stealth Viruses: A Blueprint for Therapy in Infected Humans and Animals (Part I)

Chemokines: Relatively small proteins (peptides) that mediate intercellular signaling among lymphocytes responding to antigenic challenge, were originally referred to as lymphokines. This term was replaced by interleukins, since lymphokine did not fully reflect intercellular communications between lymphocytes and cells of macrophage/monocyte lineage. It was further realized that related, and sometimes even identical peptides, were being […]