Beating Depression

With winter abating and the onset of spring, we expect symptoms of depression to be blown away by the warm breezes, but often this is not the case. Depression is defined in the medical dictionary as a temporary mental state or chronic mental disorder. Depression is not a new health problem. With our extended life […]

In Harmony with Winter: A Time for Inward Reflection

Ah, but the winters! The Earth’s mysterious turning-within. Where around the dead in the pure receding of sap, boldness is gathered. The boldness of future springtimes, where imagination occurs beneath what is rigid; where all the green worn thin by the vast summers again turns into a new insight and the mirror of intuition…. -Rumi […]

Qi: The Divine Spark of Life

The Divine Spark of Life…Prana…Ki…Qi…Vital Life Force. Ancient healing traditions teach of the flow of energy through our beings, detailing the flow and transformation of Qi which sparks all life and activity in the body. “We are spiritual beings, having a spiritual experience, biochemically activated and emotionally charged…(W)e are holographic, compressed energy patterns, slowed down […]

Cordyceps: A Medicinal Mushroom with Countless Uses

Before moving to Oregon almost three years ago, my friend and I participated in a mycological foray at the Washington Crossing State Park in Western Jersey. After an hour and little to show for our foraging efforts, we were about to lose hope when we finally came across three super-sized Grifola. I couldn’t carry the […]

Lifelong Energy Transformation The Key Component to Health and Vitality

Since creation, human beings and plants have had a harmonious, interdependent relationship that requires the by-products or waste of energy metabolism from the other to generate energy. This exchange is ongoing and dynamic. An example of this is how animals use the oxygen created by plants, and plants use the carbon dioxide expelled by animals […]