The Miracles of Life

I'm impressed with how slowly, steadily, and silently some of the miraculous events occur around (and in) us. Several weeks ago I was privileged to watch my first snowfall of the season: I thoroughly enjoyed sitting and watching these silent flakes fall gently to the earth. Each of them is unique!! there have never been two snowflakes exactly the same! Seems impossible, I think, and then I remember there are no human beings exactly alike, even identical twins.

Yesterday I took the time to watch a sunrise: again a magnificent silent display. Initially there is just a general bright glow in the east. Gradually one set of clouds brightens up, becoming a wondrous ochre mass. Above, and on the other side, white fluffs turn into rose-tinted marvels, by imperceptible steps. Eventually I go to the other side of my house to see this same miraculous rose tint grace the western sky, briefly.

All this occurs in a sun"rise," when in reality we know that it is we, on our amazing constantly turning home (Earth), who are moving to see the sun and this spectacular brief ever-changing display.

Inside of each of us, miracles are occuring constantly. For example, our hearts continue their steady beat, varying as needed in rate for different physiological functions. We eat a meal: this starts nearly infinte chemical and physical actions inside of us, as this food is changed into forms of energy we can use. And just the act of intending to move a given part of the body, proceeding on to the actual movement, is in itself a miracle.

"Life is a privilege, and the right to live is a gift. It is wrapped in ribbon woven with dreams. And whether you are very young or very old, life is full of wonder and surprises."

~ Flavia

"Thank you for my life,
Thank you for my life,
Each precious day is a gift to me,
And I can hardly believe the beauty I see."

~ From Beth T. Corwin, in Living Love Songs

Written by Elizabeth Zook Coleman, MD


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