The Physical Body: Is Immortality Possible?

Last week, one of my colleagues asked me whether I really believed that it was possible for the physical body to obtain immortality. Even though I teach a class called Reclaiming the Body which addresses this possibility, I am, on a personal level, not completely convinced of the validity of such an endeavor. Yet I am open to the idea that it is most likely part of our evolutionary future. Perhaps not the physical body that we are so familiar with, but some type of body grounded in this time-space continuum. Part of my personal problem is that I have yet to meet anyone that has obtained this state of being, and I am personally still far from achieving it, since I really have not totally accepted the form of my own body as the most appropriate vehicle. Needless to say, that question was a little disconcerting and forced me to re-examine my opinions.

The primary example of this phenomenon, that I am aware of, is the work of the 18 Siddha Yoga Tradition of Baba Ji and his predecessors. The 18 Siddha Yogis all seemed to have obtained some form of immortality or more certainly, a quantum leap in longevity. In my classes I have conjectured on some of what I believe might be the necessary, but not sufficient, conditions for maintaining the body over time. It seems reasonable that the conditions necessary for the body to perfectly replicate its cellular structure are: freedom from emotional, physical, and spiritual "ama", the Ayurvedic word for toxins; absolute freedom from fear and absolute knowledge of Union with the Creator; an effective way to combat or neutralize the continued impact of physical and energetic pollutants generated by our society and a way to supplement the basic elements of life that have been leached from the land by our short sighted farming methods and increasing population pressures on the food supply.

Where I get a little confused in why animals and plants, for instance, do not achieve immortality, and why death is an inevitable part of the plan, although large trees like Redwoods do reach ages of over 2000 years that certainly suggest that there is something to this physical immortality business. Also there is the memory of Pan, before we fell into life and death. On a spiritual level, we are immortal, that is certain. We have been conscious for billions of years. The obvious answer for the animals, is of course, that they were designed by their oversouls to maintain physical immortality through their genetic structures and were designed to evolve. The not-so-obvious answer we die because we make a judgment that dying is necessary. We and all the animals have programmed this judgment into their long term memory, their genetic material. When and where we made this decision is part of the history of cosmos and Pan and we will talk about it here sometime.

At some stage in our evolution, we will necessarily become the architects of our own reality, even our physical reality. Since it is still uncertain that we will even survive as a species long enough to achieve immortality, although I personally believe we will, perhaps this question about physical immortality is premature. Or perhaps, we are seeing intimations of our future.

One of the interesting things that appears to be happening are the responses of the physical body to the alledged change in Universal vibrations. Many reports of physical illness and emotional stress are being made. For instance, there is a marked increase in the sensitivity of the skin being reported. Since the skin is the body's largest organ and the first line of defence for the exclusion of foreign matter, the skin may be responding to this vibrational change as an alien invasion. Problems with weight gain and with increased ringing in the ears are also being reported. Are these related to the evolutionary changes? Perhaps, it is so, there is no compelling evidence, one way or another.

An interesting puzzle, physical immortality, one which I am remaining open to and expecting to be taught about by my inner wisdom as we move along here toward the expected changes.

Written by James M. Price, MSW, MPA


3 Responses to “The Physical Body: Is Immortality Possible?”

  1. Rick on August 6th, 2013 05:27

    You too will dies some day and all this so called knowlege will be gone. Our immortality in the flesh is what it is. There is a God and He will do what He does. Our immortality rest in Him entirely.

  2. H,M, Frosh on January 20th, 2017 11:57

    H.M.F. Expert: Yeah..I believe it IS possible for people to physically live forever in a deathless world: science WILL make it possible sometime in the NEAR future..Check out YouTube and nonfiction books on this..
    Want you to E-Mail me: soon, to say it IS possible..

    Many thanks..

    From H.M,F.


  3. yannos on September 5th, 2018 03:47

    Your questioning is interesting.
    On a personnal level, i do believe that it might be possible to achieve advanced healing and longevity (200 years? 300 years? 1000?). I am however far from certain it is the case, but i am open to that possibility.

    If i look i myself, i spent more time in my life being unbalanced than healthy and balanced. I believe this is the case for most people.
    The answer might be to be able to continuously live in a higher state of balance/ mind/ energy, so our bodies will function better in every way.

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