The Role of Food in the Maintainance of Health

Our society is obsessed with weight, fitness and youth, an exterior expression of our societies fear of death. By focusing on the perceived ideal stages of life, we do not to have to think about the lack of continuity. As long as the external symbols appear to represent immortality, we do not have to face our fear.

All societies have developed dietary habits that are unique and idiosyncratic to their culture and latitude. However, when necessary, it is quite possible to survive on a variety of preferred foods, many of which were not part of our original climatic and genetic adaptation. A comment on the marvelous chemical/energy factory that we all have.

A recent study proved that the taste of food is a significant factor in whether elderly will eat sufficient amounts of food in nursing homes to maintain body weight. If it doesn't taste good, we won't eat it. Funny, we had to study that.

Many people believe that there is an ideal diet that will guarantee health. It is interesting that the word diet contains the word die. What does eating for life have to do with die-ting. It is now clear that diets don't work in the long run, they just make it harder. Perhaps we have known this all along in our choice of symbols for this effort. It is funny that these dietary prescription range from those who believe we should never cook our food to those that believe that we should almost always cook our food.

Supplements should always be tailored to the individual. No two individuals internal food/energy factories are alike and what person can assimilate easily is like sludge to the other. We can determine what is most appropriate by utilizing kinesiology or just by communicating with the intelligence of the body under an altered state of consciousness.

It is said that opening up to subtle energies such as when channeling, empathing or doing psychic readings is not particular good for your health. This is a observation that we have all witnessed with intuitionists. They often smoke too much, eat too much or just have many somatic difficullties. If this observation is true, and I do not know for sure that it is, what might be the cause of such difficulties. First, the sensitive is opening themselves to the realms of the lower astral and other planes of existence and empathically connecting to a wide variety of feelings, some of them very negative and stressful. Although, the professional intuitionist learns to just touch on these feelings enough to understand them, the body, when perceiving these empathed feelings has no way of knowing whether the stress is not coming from the individual's immediate environment, and consequently may be attempting to compensate for states of mind that do not originate internally.

It is certainly the case that practicing intuitionists do not fare as well in crowded, noisy environments. Most of those that I know prefer to be somewhat isolated and close to nature, if they have any choice in the matter.

Excess or deficiency in our weight can be symbolic of many issues. The most common issue of course is the need to maintain some emotional protection or distance from the potential pain of intimate relationships. Sometimes weight is a need to feel more substantial, more grounded in the earth plane. Another problem is reflected in the imbalance of the metabolic system, where a lack of sweetness or fulfillment in life directly affects the pancreas and the production of insulin. Other problems are associated with having a genetic inheritance that developed under far northern climatic conditions, where the accumulation of fat was adaptive. Other factors may be purely cultural, as in the kingdom of Tonga, where substantial bulk is admired and preferred. Often, the problem is related to malnutrition and the inability of the body to metabolize or store certain needed minerals and vitamins. The body compensates by ingesting more nutrients.

We could go on with this list almost indefinitely. There are probably as many reasons for food related problems as their are people. Since food is such a necessary part of our experience, it has the opportunity of symbolically expressing all of our imbalances, stresses, karmic situations, and culturally maintained expectations.


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