Warm Wishes for the New Year

I wish anyone that reads this will lose their ancient wounds in the new year.

May their hearts fully open and their gladness increase and their sorrowful habits drop from them like dead leaves.

If they have physical needs may they be met.

If they need to be healed, let them be healed.

If they need to heal others, let them be allowed.

If they need to grow, may they grow.

If they need to meet someone, may that someone be there.

May they grow into the silence that hears the thoughts they think.

May their thoughts be clear and free of malice.

May smiles crinkle their eyes and comforting words be on their lips.

May old enemies become friends and may old friends remain.

May their feet step onto the path that was ordained for them before the world began.

And may that path be one of gladness, although sometimes tinged with sadness, for the light must know the shadow, that beauty might unfold.

May we grow together as human beings, knowing we are alone on this lifeboat earth, but for each other, and that it is easier to pull the oars together than it is to pull them alone.

May this, the very best of years, be the end of all our fears.

And though we slip and fall, love maybe, after all, will win out at the last, and free us from the past.

May we grow together as vines upon the wall,
And let this new year be the very best of all.


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