What is Causal Release System Training (CRST)?

CRST is an experiential, hands-on training that explores our emotional, physical and spiritual health, drawing on shamanic, spiritual and mystical traditions of the world.

CRST teaches you:

  • specific techniques to work on and modify emotionally charged reactions to life;
  • new levels of awareness to identify blocked emotions such as anger and fear;
  • how such blocked emotions have been triggered, and release the negative energy that is associated with the emotional situation;
  • to change old patterns by making new decisions about how you choose to respond to people and events;
  • about our rich heritage of mythological beings, folklore, gods/ goddesses, and the Creator as they relate to our personal world view and our feelings of well-being.

What tools does CRST use?

Subtle Energy and Focused Intent

Often called auras, subtle energy fields surround our physical bodies. CRST teaches how to become aware of your energy fields and clear them of unwanted influences using a combination of "Focused Intent" and "Chi."

Subconscious and Superconscious Mind

Meditation is explored to quiet the mind. An uncomplicated technique of altering your consciousness is taught that you can use whenever you choose.

Present Life, Past Life, Pre-life Memories

The source of blocked emotions and judgments can often be found in these remembered experiences. Finding these blocks can free us to have more energy "in the moment" and make decisions based in the moment.

Expanded Levels of Consciousness

We all have the capacity to connect with other levels of consciousness that may be "channeled" as spiritual guidance. Accessing altered levels helps us become open to the possibilities within ourselves. Often questions we are unable to answer in our waking consciousness are answered for us in an altered state.

Releasing of Judgments and Forgiveness

Judgments regarding ourselves and others can block our emotional and spiritual progress. When these are identified and released, we find the ability to forgive ourself and others. Then lasting new choices and commitments can be made which will generate joy, love, and fulfillment in our life.

The training introduces subject matter designed to expand our boundaries. However, one is not required to adopt one particular view of reality to use the techniques of CRST effectively. CRST has in been in development for five years and is a constantly changing and growing system. Its primary benefit is ultimately in its application as a tool to maintain emotional balance in the present, after past programming has been removed. In fact the computer analogy is a good way to understand CRST.

CRST is analogous to an uninstaller program. When the "emotional trigger" (the original emotional response to the precipitating fearful or traumatic event) is discovered , the facilitator runs the uninstall program, removing the figurative "emotional trigger" and all emotional files associated with that program. CRST also lets you immediately erase programs created during present events so you do not save the program. Like good trash can programs, if this erased experience has any useful information that needs to be saved, the erased files can be de-archived for their cognitive content.

Another interesting result of this process is its clear demonstration of the mind-body relationship. Once emotional programs have been erased at the time and location of the original event, it is no longer necessary for the body to remind us that the system needs de-fragmenting and weeding out of all the orphans, since the body's bio-feedback message system "pain" or "dis-ease" is no longer reporting systemic instability stemming from the old program running in the background. The brain doesn't do too well when it tries to multi-task thousands of old programs. The files get interlinked and clusters are loss. This is a process that the a pychiatrist might call disassociation.

CRST, although it draws from shamanic and spiritual traditions, is internally logical and consistant and leads to predictable results. It does however, involve work, on the part of the person wishing to be healed. It requires looking at old emotions and events long past buried. We look at the past, not for curiosity, but to clear the past from affecting the moment. Once in the moment, it is a relatively simple task to keep from filing old programs.

For More Information Please Read How Does Causal Release System Training Work?


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