When are You Ready for CRST?

I was consulting with one of the CRST practitioners this morning who is helping to find a solution to a rare physical disorder. Medical science knows very little about this particular problem. I agreed to look at the Akashic Record for her around this individual to find the root cause of the problem. The first thing that flashed in my mind was the Atomic bomb explosion at Hiroshima. It made sense, it was not surprising that the individual was having eye trouble. I had seen about 5 or 6 persons before with this post atomic bomb trauma history, and all of them had some sort of scar from the experience, manisfesting as some physical illness. CRST was helpful in clearing the trauma and in some cases looking at the rest of the karmic antecedents. But, in this case she felt that their religious persuation didn't include the notion of reincarnation. The practitioner was wondering whether anything could be done.

The short, simple answer is nothing can be done immediately, since CRST requires the cooperation of the subject and an tolerance, not necessarily acceptance, of some it's cognitive principles. The long, complicated answer, is patience. Much of our ancient history is well defended, hidden away and only affects us when it is triggered by present days circumstances. It was hidden because it was painful, terminal in some cases, and because it resulted in acts that we have guilt about. To be ready to look at this material and release it may require in some cases life times of work and effort, and above all else, a burning desire to be free from the baggage. Many of the person's I personally see are already in some type of spiritual growth training or in psychotherapy, and are stuck. They can't seem to move forward, and no one has been able to help them. They are ready for the transformational experience and have been actively seeking it.

For some people, the only way to help is to begin the slow process of spiritual education. They need to learn how it is possible for strong emotional experiences happening in the remote past to affect them. With some of them they can only face their fears by working exclusively in the present life context and clearing trauma there.

I am finally beginning to accept this hard fact about CRST. I know how fast and effective it can be but it requires a great deal of preparation for many persons. They have to learn concepts that seem to be self evident to the person who has been on the spiritual path their entire lives, but to others seem alien and unscientific. We have to teach them to crawl, before they can walk and then ultimately run with CRST by using it as a self-help tool. The power of this process is incredible, if you are ready to use it. Being ready means being willing to learn new ideas and act upon the revelations of your own subconscious. Some of the subjects I have worked with clear much of the energy, but they are paralyzed by the fear of changing their lives, because fundamentally they do not believe in a benevolent Universe and they still mistrust their fundamental nature. How do you teach one to believe? Slowly, through experience and example.

As an example of being ready, I worked someone recently who had been on the spiritual path all her life and was currently in therapy with a spiritually oriented psychotherapist, but she was still haunted by an experience of molestation in her childhood. In a single session, we cleared the energy around this life's molestation, found the root cause experience in a prior life, cleared that and she was able to forgive all those with whom she had been so angry. The body told her that the physical symptom that she had were related to this experience and gave her the necessary instructions for healing the anomolies resulting from the issues. All this in a single session of less than a hour.


Written by James M. Price


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