Practicing Acceptance in Relationships

The recent holiday time has been very special for me: getting to see children and grandchildren whom I haven't seen in two years! I recall reading a touching newspaper article several years ago, regarding American troops overseas. As they were being confronted with life-and-death issues daily, their priorities came into sharper focus: highest on the list were faith, family and friends.

Seems as though this comes down basically to relationships: relationships with one another and with the All-That-Is (however this is meaningful to us).

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Warm Wishes for the New Year

I wish anyone that reads this will lose their ancient wounds in the new year.

May their hearts fully open and their gladness increase and their sorrowful habits drop from them like dead leaves.

If they have physical needs may they be met.

If they need to be healed, let them be healed.

If they need to heal others, let them be allowed.

If they need to grow, may they grow.

If they need to meet someone, may that someone be there.

May they grow into the silence that hears the thoughts they think.

May their thoughts be clear and free of malice.

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Let Go and Let God

Let go and let God. We've probably all heard it and, although we believed it's the only way to true peace and attainment, we've wondered if we really knew what it meant and how to do it.

Let go and let God. What does it mean to let go of a situation or an individual or a group, and allow whatever happens to happen? What does it mean to decide to not control every facet of our lives or those in our lives, and permit God to take the reins? Does the thought of letting go and letting God make us feel impotent, or does it make us feel empowered? Are we therefore thrown into turmoil, or are we relieved of stress? Do we then see only limitations, or do we recognize an entire universe of possibilities suddenly open up for us?

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The Miracles of Life

I'm impressed with how slowly, steadily, and silently some of the miraculous events occur around (and in) us. Several weeks ago I was privileged to watch my first snowfall of the season: I thoroughly enjoyed sitting and watching these silent flakes fall gently to the earth. Each of them is unique!! there have never been two snowflakes exactly the same! Seems impossible, I think, and then I remember there are no human beings exactly alike, even identical twins.

Yesterday I took the time to watch a sunrise: again a magnificent silent display. Initially there is just a general bright glow in the east. Gradually one set of clouds brightens up, becoming a wondrous ochre mass. Above, and on the other side, white fluffs turn into rose-tinted marvels, by imperceptible steps. Eventually I go to the other side of my house to see this same miraculous rose tint grace the western sky, briefly.

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The Physical Body: Is Immortality Possible?

Last week, one of my colleagues asked me whether I really believed that it was possible for the physical body to obtain immortality. Even though I teach a class called Reclaiming the Body which addresses this possibility, I am, on a personal level, not completely convinced of the validity of such an endeavor. Yet I am open to the idea that it is most likely part of our evolutionary future. Perhaps not the physical body that we are so familiar with, but some type of body grounded in this time-space continuum. Part of my personal problem is that I have yet to meet anyone that has obtained this state of being, and I am personally still far from achieving it, since I really have not totally accepted the form of my own body as the most appropriate vehicle. Needless to say, that question was a little disconcerting and forced me to re-examine my opinions.

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My Dear Old Dad and His Back Pain

When I am working with someone with a back problem, part of what I try to do is help them understand the importance of putting in a certain amount of effort and energy into preventing a re-occurrence of this problem or keeping it from being a major problem in their lives. I often ask people if I have told them the story of 'My Dear Old Dad'.

As a young man, my father tried to enlist as a solider in World War II. He had passed the physical examination and he and the rest of the row of disrobed men turned to walk out the door. The doctor took one look at his back and bellowed "you'r no man for this army...get out of here". As a young man growing up on a farm one of the contests that the boys used to have was to see who could pull the most pounds on the grain truck scales. They would squat, reach down to the scale platform handles and pull up as hard as they could. The discs between the vertebral bones in our spine are designed to take compression and loading. This particular maneuver is a significant compression and cushing force on the spine. So as a young man my Father had a significant back problem.

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Pain: Our Most Precious Guide

Precious pain is a term that often brings reactions of outrage and doubt from people. Our society generally views pain as something terrible that must be escaped at all costs. Those who view pain as something useful are thought of as masochists or psychotics. Pain and suffering are thought to be inseparable. Pain is a simple sensory input that gives guidance and alerts us to areas of our lives that need our recognition. It is also the most reliable guide to moving through the life challenge that it heralds.

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New Name, New Emphasis: Self Empowered Emotional Release (Formerly Causal Release System Training)

We have adopted a new name for the Causal Release System Training. The new name is Self Empowered Emotional Release (SEER). Why have we done this? First of all, it should be noted that this is the second name change for this work. It was first called Karmic Release System Training. We changed that name because Karma is so misunderstood in the West and it seemed too new agey to a lot of folks. Karmic Release System Training however was a perfectly good descriptive title, as was the Causal Release System Training name.

Causal Release System Training was selected because it was so descriptive and its acronym, CRST, was a thinly disguised, or so we thought, Hebrew like rendering of CHRIST with the vowels removed. However, that seemed to go over every ones head and so with the imput of the CRST family, we have once again changed the name to SEER. Once again descriptive of the process but with the emphasis on the fact that first and foremost, SEER is a self managed, self empowered process, that does not require a facilitator, other that yourself.

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Second Chance: Life After Death

"The fifteen years since I died have been the best in my life," says Marvin Barrett, the author of Second Chance: A Life After Death. This, despite two coronaries, a stroke, lymphoma, prostate cancer, congestive heart failure and the cardiac arrest which caused his death at 63 in 1984. Barrett wrote of that earlier event with moving clarity in the critically acclaimed Spare Days. Now he takes up the story where he left off and tells how sickness and old age contributed to a decade and a half of rewarding living.

It is an immensely heartening story which should give encouragement not only to those already living out their later years, but those who are still dreading them. "Not to worry," is Barrett's message for the rest of us struggling through their middle years. "Your later years will have more in common with the discoveries and wonders of childhood than the tumults of youth or the ephemeral triumphs and defeats of maturity. "Shame is a thing of the past, along with fear and dread and disappointment..."

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Allergies? Ask Your Body!

Allergies---painful, annoying, scary. Perhaps you or someone you know reacts to foods, medications, or substances. Hives, asthma, abdominal pains, headaches, hyperactivity, exhaustion; allergic reactions affect our quality of life. Fear enters the picture. When are we safe? If we accidentally do the wrong thing, our body goes out of control. It becomes an enemy, subject to unknown assault at any moment.

Imagine an amazing machine, one that could tell you, anytime, anywhere, without cost, pain, or inconvenience, whether a food, medication, or substance is safe or unsafe for you. Sounds impossible, but if one existed, wouldn't you want one? You'd bring it to restaurants to test plates of food, to the supermarket to check different products, to the pharmacy to test a new medicine, or to a party with exotic foods. Imagine suddenly having that kind of control and power. Imagine no longer being afraid. This machine would be invaluable.

Guess what? You already own the machine, ready with information whenever you need it. That wonderful machine is your body, and you can learn to ask your body whether it will be weakened by that plate of food or that new medicine. A simple method exists for accurately testing your loved ones or friends for their sensitivities, and they can learn to test you. It feels like a miracle. It was, for me.

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